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Article 5
Outline of a dynamic score from a sound file

Article 4
Convert a midi file to a SuperCollider score

Article 3
Writing score for SuperCollider

Article 2
Melody to tone

Article 1
Documentation of the executable script enkode

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  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 16/05/2018 à 15h19
    [ Articles ] Version 4.4 released.
    • Fix agreement between number of segments with the label of the last segment from TextGrid in praat script.

  • Outline of a dynamic score from a sound file
    ✎ publié le 04/03/2018 à 17h36
    [ Articles ] This article aims to describe how to draw a dynamic score from a sound file according to the analysis of the command line enkode.

  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 04/03/2018 à 17h35
    [ Articles ] Version 4.3 released.
    • From now on, it is possible to do the analysis for a persistent duration. In this case, the value of the duration has to be a floating point number, expressing the duration of each segment, equal to this value in second unit.
      Note that if required, the last segment – only on the result (that means not for computation) – is extended until the value of the duration.
    • The intensity analysis was replaced with loudness analysis – this is now even more relevant according our own aural perception. This relates to the whole frequency range and the filtered frequency range for the bass of each segment. Therefore the option +intensity was replaced with +loudness and the unit is now the sone instead of the dB SPL. Mind that the limit of the aural perception is around 0.1 second, and below this value the relevance of the analysis is deteriorated.
    • Fix add spectrum data file with option +all
    • Fix bug script values.praat concerning the cochleagram analysis.
    • Fix bug scripts ofp.praat and values.praat for long sequence.
    • Fix the functions mk-attract and split-mean-lst concerning the recursivity with disparate data in encode.lisp

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 09/02/2018 à 14h34
    [ PWGL ] Version 18.2.15 – Refonte du script by-cycle.sh.

  • IMP K540
    ✎ publié le 30/01/2018 à 9h27
    [ Articles ] IMP : Annex 1b – Interpretation of a midi score file in the context of the quadriphonic space by transposing each chord to an harmonic profile, an amplitude profile and a segmental echoic profile.
    [ Composition ] ...

  • Convert a midi file to a SuperCollider score
    ✎ publié le 07/10/2017 à 23h07
    [ Articles ] This article belongs to the development of enkode.

  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 07/10/2017 à 23h03
    [ Articles ] Version 4.2 released.
    • Fix compatibility with Linux.
    • Remove 'rapport process' – useless.
    The two following new options are only convertion tools – for more info see the article Convert a midi file to a SuperCollider score.
    • add new option --midi allowing to transpose midi file to score and its histogram.
    • add new option --merge allowing to merge all tracks of a given midi file.

  • Nordøst
    ✎ publié le 27/06/2017 à 15h47
    [ Composition ] Open composition opus 2.

  • Diwar Les Coet
    ✎ publié le 08/03/2017 à 5h40
    [ Composition ] Open composition opus 1.

  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 27/01/2017 à 17h42
    [ Articles ] Version 4.1 released.
    • Fix energy profile for long sequence with the possibility of increasing the dynamic space size of the RAM with the option --ram-threshold initially defined by (sb-ext:dynamic-space-size), and limiting the process time with the option --max-timeout to 480 seconds by default using the command line timeout. In case of one of the latter is reached, the result is set to 0.0
    • Fix long argument – add ${args} before the associated short argument.
    • Fix zip name as its own timestamp.
    • Add 'rapport process' to info.

  • Writing score for SuperCollider
    ✎ publié le 30/12/2016 à 4h53
    [ Articles ] This aticle draws on the article Documentation of the executable script enkode (2014) and the article Melody to tone (2015).

  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 30/12/2016 à 1h47
    [ Articles ] Version 4.0 released.
    • From now on the first line of the stdout (standard output) is reserved to the length of the respective discriminations – to remove it pipe with sed '1d' or to get it pipe with head -n 1.
    • Fix the function mk-attract (about the number of recursivity and disparate data) plus error message info.
    • Remove arg -i --info
    • Add +info
    • Add +spectrum
    • Add +all
    • New stdout (standard output) options: --score and --M2T – see man page for more info and the article Writing score for SuperCollider.
    • Also, the location of the info files is henceforth in the Documents folder where an archive zip of the previous call of enkode is created for history.

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 02/12/2016 à 4h20
    [ PWGL ] Version 16.12.14 – For SuperCollider users ...
    • \kaprekar-constant ------ [ arrayList(P), arrayList(C) ] or arrayList(C)
    • \rhythmic-sieve --------- [ arrayList(I), arrayList(J) ]
    • \pea-pattern ------------ [ arrayList(P), arrayList(C) ] or arrayList(C)
    • \symmetric-group -------- arrayList(G)
    • \symmetric-permutation -- arrayList(C)
    • \circular-permutation --- arrayList(C)
    • \lorenz-discretisation -- [ numList(P), numList(C) ] or numList(C)

  • IMP #0
    ✎ publié le 26/11/2016 à 20h03
    [ Collectif artistique ] Soirée contée du 25 novembre 2016 à Perret ...
    [ Articles ] IMP : Annex 1a – Format scores and frequency modulation.
    [ Composition ] ...

  • IMP
    ✎ publié le 26/11/2016 à 19h00
    [ Articles ] IMP : Electronic part as algorithmic concept – Formal and structural sketches.

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 10/09/2016 à 13h49
    [ PWGL ] Version 16.9.13 – New features and improvements:
    • rationalization of the code
    • rationalization of the results of the algorithms → <path>if-exists + <cycle(s)>
    • almost all functions were renamed:
      • kaprekar-l ---------- kaprekar-constant
      • cycle-x ---------------- rhythmic-sieve
      • cycle-com ----------------- pea-pattern
      • perm-cycl ------------- symmetric-group
      • perm-sym -------- symmetric-permutation
      • perm-circ-base --- circular-permutation
      • fill-lst --------------- fill-digit-lst
    • new function called lorenz-discretisation
    • documentation and tutorial were revised
    • compatibility emacs + slime

  • enkode
    ✎ publié le 20/04/2016 à 1h24
    [ Articles ] Version 3.0 released.
    • From now on the data result is displayed on the stdout (standard output). Thus, the option --lisp and --none has been removed.
    • A new option --smooth-frequency allows to set the bandwitdh frequency to apply the cepstral smoothing.
    • A info file is written with the option -i, --info (this option replaces the previous -o, -out) with the usual extra data files (see man enkode) into the INFO folder. The info file displays some new information such as time, date and duration of the script to run.
      [ Be careful, the INFO folder are updated each time the command enkode runs. So all the previous info will be lost. ]

  • Chord chart
    ✎ publié le 26/11/2015 à 0h45
    [ Software ] Application en ligne destinée à éditer des grilles d'accords.

  • Triptyque
    ✎ publié le 20/09/2015 à 15h56
    [ Composition ] ...
    [ Articles ] Modélisation spatiale – Effet doppler et panoramique quadriphonique.

  • Melody to tone
    ✎ publié le 25/08/2015 à 6h59
    [ Articles ] This article aims to focus on some tools inside the PWGL environment to interpret a melody to an unique tone.

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 13/01/2015 à 19h01
    [ PWGL ] Version 15.1.12 – Redéfinition de la factorisation (fonction factor).

  • Documentation of the executable script enkode
    ✎ publié le 04/12/2014 à 21h59
    [ Articles ] enkode is an executable script bash intended to be used as OS X command line.

  • M (o lo studio del continuum)
    ✎ publié le 19/11/2014 à 15h53
    [ Composition ] ...

  • Déterritorialisation
    ✎ publié le 30/08/2014 à 20h43
    [ Composition ] La déterritorialisation dans le contexte présent indique une contextualisation de l'intention compositionnelle par rapport à l'interprète et au lieu d'interprétation. Il ne s'agit pas de se réapproprier le ou un térritoire en tant qu'espace vital, mais de considérer l'interaction provoquée par l'intrusion d'un objet déterritorialisé.

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 16/08/2014 à 23h38
    [ PWGL ] Version 14.8.11 – Révision des fonctions mk-integer-lst (à partir de 0 ou de 1) et perm-cycl (vérification de la liste d'entrée).

  • Versus 01
    ✎ publié le 06/08/2014 à 13h23
    [ Collectif artistique ] Performance du 2 août 2014 à Mûr-de-Bretagne ...

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 13/05/2014 à 13h25
    [ PWGL ] Version 14.5.10 – Révision de la fonction cycle-x (message d'avertissement pour les nombres trop grand).

  • Wiki Neuromuse3
    ✎ publié le 03/04/2014 à 5h37
    [ Neuromuse3 ] Documentation du projet Neuromuse3.

  • Refonte du site
    ✎ publié le 15/03/2014 à 9h37
    Le site Experimental Music a changé de serveur et a été complétement restructuré.

  • Gone with the wind
    ✎ publié le 03/12/2013 à 4h37
    [ Composition ] ... de la prosodie au musical ...

  • by-cycle
    ✎ publié le 08/12/2013 à 2h29
    [ PWGL ] Briefly, this is some prospecting tools that fit in a heuristic perspective, intended to serve as a musical discourse, according to the theme of « cyclicity ». Thus, it is possible to consider construction of musical representations of mathematical ideas, recognizing that musical experience can not be reduced to a symbolic system. In other words, it must be possible to report an association between network composition, performance and listening ...

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